The Art is Fire

by The Art is Fire

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released January 1, 2012

Michael Zucker, bc, Max Bernstein, Anthony Rogers-Wright



all rights reserved


The Art is Fire Boulder, Colorado

The Art is Fire is a collective of individuals each with his own distinct background and tastes. The four members met and formed in Denver each on his own pilgrimage from various cities throughout the US, including Nashville, New York and L.A. The tempered frenzy of this musical collaboration has driven us to create and share with you all our vision of Rock, Jazz, Fusion, Funk, Metal and Folk. ... more

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Track Name: Cycles
Spinning above my head
Crumbling below my feet
Burning with new breath
Each lighter than the last

Am I me and I’m not inside you?
Am I me if you’re not inside me?
Am I wrong or am I empty?
Am I wrong or am I empty?

Learning along this path
Reveal this holy math
Grab on if you can
Remember each demand

The work is done
When seven are one
Sing with your heart
Of grind down the jaw bone
Track Name: Burn
My saving grace
Tailored for the marksman
Littered with deception
All will be safe
Mend the spackled sweat lodge
The air is stale and fragile
I still betray
Lies are locked and loaded
This stance is cocked and shouldered
Pray for rain
Beating down as bullets
Impounding all that moves this way

Mine is the touch that will burn you forever
If you lay with me now you would feel so much better
No matter what you say I have made my decision
Lie to me now with the words I long to hear

I have no more faith
Kissed the lips of logic, inherit hope so tragic
Wilt and decay
A breathe of rotten apples who’s stench was made of flowers
I left on this grave
Mingled dirt and ashes a front to guard the masses
Leave this place
Calm the cool collective a hand to play the call in spades

Fear rules your fate
Wager all that matters
I hear the rules have all changed
I hear the walls are closing in
Track Name: Necromance
Hear me underneath the clouds so high
I say no I say no I say no
To questions you don’t want answers to
Serendipity fades from our cold anatomy

When the days go by
Minutes melt away
When the days go by
Minutes melt away

Gracious gestures hardly go unnoticed
And I feel I feel I feel
That help is not to bother
Ponder over we
The fate driven picture show

We let days go by
Minutes melt away
We let days go by
Minutes melt away